The important difference in choosing a strong partner like us and a standard IT service provider for operating your financial application: we master growing regulatory requirements while at the same time guaranteeing the scalability of the customer. Quality is crucial for us and our customers, as is efficiency.

Managed service provider and support in banking or business-critical application operation

Using our business analysis technique, we identify not only your visible, but also your unknown requirements to realize an efficient operation of your financial application. It does not matter whether your business-critical application is developed in-house or purchased from a supplier. We consider the operation of banking or trading applications in the context of the qbees_financialapp values.

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The guide for your critical financial applications

Manual administrative tasks in the operation of critical systems should always be avoided. From installation to updates, scaling, backup and recovery, the principle of maximum automation is followed. In doing so, modern, and proven methods and procedures of robotic process automation, AI and site reliability engineering are consistently applied. Their scientific background and way of implementation was shaped by companies like Meta Platform and Alphabet. The goal: Minimize the human risk factor through maximized automation with reactive and intelligent solutions.
business model oriented
A deep understanding of your business model has the highest priority for technical operations. Your financial applications influence your business model in part or completely. We are building the base with our experience in the areas of private equity, wealth management, investment banking, market making, reporting, clearing & settlement. It is our task to equip your business model with the optimal technical base.
No matter how technically highly available or secure your operating concept is designed - the highly dynamic field of regulatory framework conditions in reference to BAIT, KAIT, VAIT, ESMA, MaRisk, MiFID, KRITIS offers comprehensive challenges that influence all technical measures in operation. We do not see this as a problem, but as an opportunity. The goal: security in regulatory implementation, instead of hoping that everything fits.
Auditor-readiness at any given time: meaningful and auditable on a technical and professional level - both essential for efficient operation. We identify all sources and interfaces of your financial applications and combine them into integrated reporting and monitoring. The goal: to be comprehensive and resilient ad-hoc. At a high level of quality. In front of customers, BaFin and auditors alike.
security oriented
qbees is a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security and an active member of the international Center for Internet Security (CIS). Regardless of the respective operating platform on-premises, hybrid cloud or public cloud, we integrate your application in a risk-oriented manner into a framework of specific, advanced security measures that really matter to you. To ensure quality and regulatory requirements, these are checked, documented, and continuously improved in periodic manual and automated audits. The goal: the realization of a ZERO trust model for your critical financial application, which is not only based on trust, but also on concrete and documented measures.
What is really relevant to you - 99% 99.9%, 99.99% or 99.999%? The question of availability is primarily a business model-related question that affects the costs of application operation. Together, we use your business model to determine what availability you really need and what opportunities are available to you.
process oriented
In the context of application operation, all technical and professional operating processes are adapted to your business and company-specific requirements on the basis of ITIL. The processes must meet regulatory requirements such as auditability, documentation, and transparency. On the other hand, they must meet criteria relevant to day-to-day business, such as compactness, applicability, and freedom from friction.

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Operating Models

the qbees offer two operating models for your critical application:


Managed Service Provider

In this mode, your critical financial application is provided on a computing platform perfectly tuned by us (on-premises, hybrid cloud, cloud). The financial application and computing platform are operated by qbees as a managed service in the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model. The complete technology stack is individually coordinated with the customer, taking into account the qbees_financialapp values.


Basic Support

In the support mode, the customer provides the computing platform on-premises, hybrid cloud or cloud. In this model, the qbees focus on the storage of the critical financial application according to the qbees_financialapp values mentioned in the context of a SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service).

financial app


Industry know-how in critical financial applications

The qbees have many years of extensive experience in on-premises and cloud operation of the following banking and trading systems:




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