The cloud-based user-friendly platform for distributing course data.

Getting price data from the exchange could be so easy for vendors. Unfortunately, the reality usually looks different. Internal system hurdles cause high costs and an enormous amount of time. Large distributors on the market are too rigidly complex in terms of connection. Working like this is definitely no fun.

Instead of leaving you dry with the complications, we open up your course streams in a solution-oriented manner.

innovative. individual. consistent.

By connecting to the quotehub, we make your everyday life more flexible and relieve it. You get the opportunity to obtain a real-time data feed from the cloud in the simplest way. So that your data streams flow reliably, and you can focus on your core business without stress.

As a hub, the quotehub is connected to the Gettex trading platform of Bayerische Börse AG with top trading participants and has permanent data access to the development of around 30,000 international securities.

What advantage does



offers its vendors?


Data feed directly from the AWS cloud via Point2Point VPN, VPC peering based on proven modern components – because we focus on innovative and operationally resilient solutions.

Data Feed

The harmonization of proprietary, exchange-specific data streams to modern standard formats such as JSON ensure reduced development effort – because we prefer to be effective.


Access to 24/7 development feed for location and time-independent development as well as customer feedback as an essential part of development – because we rely on agile and sustainable systems and like to design them in partnership.

Customer Feed

On request, provision of customer-specific feed formats and flexible filter logic – because it’s about your individual needs.

Service Package

Service desk access and precise monitoring including automated alerting via Slack, mail, SMS, and much more – because the security transparency and security of your data streams is important to us.

Fair Pricing

Simple and fair cost model with fast data connection at the same time (time-to-market) – because a good cost-benefit ratio is our promise.

Easy Onboarding

Meet and greet

During an initial conversation we define your individual data feed. Receive a non-binding and fair offer the same day.


Setting up the Cloud2Cloud or Cloud2OnPremises connection and providing the customer-specific data feed.


We support you in testing your consumer plugin and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Go Live and Operations

After your approval, the productive endpoint is activated. From this point on, your Data Feed subscription including service package will be activated.




We are pleased to meet you. For detailed information contact us for an individual conversation. This is done right from the start with the respective expert, not with a salesperson.