If you want to evolve and change, it is not a matter of quantity – you need a small, very talented, focused, dedicated team, that takes the risks and make it happen. If you want to evolve and change, it is not a matter of quantity – you need a small, very talented, focused, dedicated team, that takes the risks and make it happen.

Individual and sustainable software solutions for the financial industry

You have highly specific software requirements resulting from your banking or trading-related challenges that cannot be met by standard products on the market? Or do you have a requirement that needs to be perfectly integrated into your corporate environment with an individual solution?

We speak your technical language and see ourselves as a partner in the implementation of stable, resilient, and highly reactive software solutions for the financial industry, taking into account regulatory challenges.

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The process model for a timely solution

The framework: your time-to-market.

Our software development process, based on agile approaches, aims at time-to-market:

We are convinced that lengthy business analyses, highly detailed specifications and traditional requirement and functional specifications are a thing of the past. Requiring customers to create a 100% accurate technical description is no longer realistic based on current market requirements. We know that software is created at eye level in the process with the customer and that technical requirements in the context of market changes are subject to high dynamics.

During the requirement capturing, we record all the requirements of your software solution that are relevant to you. Due to our extensive banking know-how in the areas of

  • regulation
  • private equity and wealth management
  • investment banking and market making as well as
  • reporting and clearing & settlement

we qbees can understand and determine your requirements in a short time and provide you with the right professional advice. The end result is a requirement collection.

Subsequently, we define the so-called minimal usable product with you. This includes the smallest subset of the highest priority requirements from the requirement collection. This approach reduces complexity and ensures that a lightweight product can be implemented for productive use as quickly as possible, which realizes your absolute hot spot requirements and thus meets your time-to-market requirements.

The next step is to create a mockup with a focus on interface design and user experience (UX). We design a model that implements the relevant user interfaces based on the requirements of the minimal usable product. Even before any software is developed, we give you a comprehensive impression of your software. Usually in this process step, further technical items for the requirement collection arise that have not been identified during requirement capturing. A close and partnership-based coordination between you as a customer and the qbees in several interaction loops is the basic prerequisite (mockup evaluation).

In the next step, an interactive prototype is generated from the mockup. The aim of our agile way of working is to provide you with a fully usable prototype for independent validation of the look and feel within a customer-specific test environment. The prototype does not yet contain any financial business logic when it is delivered, but you can get a realistic picture of the interactive operation of the product and its integration into the existing application ecosystem. This process step usually results in further technical requirements that are added to the requirement collection.

In the final step, the interactive prototype is now filled with the financial logic of the requirements from the minimal usable product. The final product is created within the customer-specific production environment. A high frequency of feedback loops between qbees and customers is the basis for realizing a timely go-live. The following quality criteria regarding the implementation are in the foreground:

  • Full integration and deployment of unit tests
  • Realization of the business logic and implementation of the security requirements according to customer-specific regulatory requirements from ESMA, BAIT, KAIT, MaRisk, KRITIS or ISO 27001.
  • State-of-the-art security in code and operation of the application

From the definition of the requirement collection to the go-live in production, we calculate 4-6 months.

After the go-live, all other requirements from the requirement collection can be sustainably implemented in agile process cycles as required.

financial dev


Modern technologies to be at the forefront in the future.

COBOL, JAVA, .NET was yesterday.

We specifically rely on resilient and powerful technologies to meet the requirements for speed, usability, and scalability. We believe that a state-of-the-art banking or trading desk does not require complex and manual software installations, but can be equipped with server-side, highly responsive and browser-based components.

By using our tech stacks, we guarantee rapid prototype development and a go-live in time.

The following technologies can be used on a customer-specific basis:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Golang
  • MongoDB
  • MariaDB




We are pleased to meet you. Contact us for more detailed information and an individual conversation. Right from the start, this takes place at eye level with the relevant expert, not a salesperson.