The provision of a fail-safe and efficient infrastructure requires a high degree of customer individuality and automation. We know the challenges of the financial industry in the data center and in the cloud. With our technology stack and a strong team, we combine two seemingly opposite worlds: BaFin conformity and flexible and uncomplicated day-to-day operations.

Managed service provider and support for business-critical infrastructure

We design efficient infrastructure landscapes according to customer requirements – whether in the data center, hybrid or cloud-only. To ensure traceable, BaFin-oriented operation, we rely on automation and monitoring. New hosts can be created within a few minutes via self-service. Manual errors by system administrators are history. With fully integrated monitoring solutions including flexible alarms, resource bottlenecks are recognized early and not only after customer complaints.



individual infrastructure and cloud solutions for the financial sector

Data center, cloud & hybrid cloud

Modern cloud services are becoming increasingly important in the regulated financial sector:

  • as a cost-efficient backup data center
  • as scalable instances for overnight calculations and postings
  • as flexible development environments for in-house software development

Since Amazon Web Services and Co. meet applicable security and compliance guidelines, it makes sense for many institutions to move parts of their infrastructure to the cloud. It is particularly important to weigh up exactly which operating mode is best for the individual software landscape – classic data center, hybrid infrastructure or cloud only.


The correction of regulatory findings in IT infrastructure not only causes unexpected costs but can also endanger the company in critical cases. Current focal points of financial supervision include insufficient vulnerability management, insufficient logging of technical events and the incomprehensible use of critical authorizations.

Careful planning regarding the regulatory requirements is essential. Act proactively instead of reacting ad hoc.

transparent, automated, and safety-oriented

For information security and operational stability, it is particularly important to avoid manual activities on critical infrastructures. Manual adjustments by administrators increase the risk of errors and can have serious consequences for your infrastructure. In addition, manual changes are hardly traceable – the result: service failures with long recovery times. Therefore, we rely on automation and risk-oriented monitoring – both in the technical and in the regulatory sense. With innovative Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solutions and pipeline processes, manual intervention is no longer necessary.

Recurring tasks are made available via self-service, for example creating a new host or adjusting firewall rules. Without a support request, without long waiting times but documented in a comprehensible way. Regular vulnerability checks also provide reliable information about system security and offer guidelines for hardening and continuously improving your infrastructure. Customized monitoring solutions provide detailed information on the utilization of the data center and cloud infrastructure and warn of bottlenecks before they arise.



After a precise analysis of the required resources, we obtain the infrastructure components from our supplier network and make them available in our partner data centers. Flexible hybrid cloud or cloud-only solutions are built according to customer requirements at Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. 

The inclusion of regulatory requirements has top priority. Vulnerability management, detailed monitoring and reporting are part of our standard. You can concentrate on your core business and benefit from reliable, regulatory-oriented infrastructure operations.



Industry expertise in critical financial infrastructure

The qbees have extensive know-how and many years of experience in on-premises and cloud operations with the following technologies, products, and frameworks:

Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Veritas NetBackup
Prometheus Stack
Elastic Stack
Tivoli Netcool




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