qCademy EDUCATION offers motivated young professionals, students and interns the opportunity to independently and proactively deal with interesting and necessary issues of future financial technologies. The projects within the framework of qCademy are either related to our customers from the financial industry or are applied research oriented.

Mistakes? Yes, please! – Our error culture is geared towards trying and exploring things. This is the only way to develop the best possible solutions for us and our customers.

qCademy EDUCATION offers the opportunity to carry out projects in the context of a job as a working student, as part of an internship or a bachelor’s/master’s thesis. Career starters also have the opportunity to implement qCademy projects during their first years of work.




qCademy EXCHANGE is a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas, both between students and between experts in the financial technology sector. Within the framework of meetups, lectures and hackathons, the participants should be able to broaden their horizons regarding current and future financial technologies.

Titles and hierarchies do not exist here – active participation instead of passive listening and eating snacks – that is the motto of the qCademy EXCHANGE. The bank CEO sometimes hacks on the command line and the student builds the portfolios.



The qPath, a trainee program that is actually not a trainee program, is open to anyone who would like to work with us. Rather, a real opportunity to develop your own interests. You will have a personal mentor who will support you at eye level during the first years of your career and support you in your personal and professional development.

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Are you interested in qCademy or one of our open job positions? Contact us at connect@qbees.io and come by for a relaxed, informal get-to-know-each-other.


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If you can imagine becoming a qbee and you fit in with the qbees, then we welcome you to our qCademy EDUCATION program.


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Within the qCademy EDUCATION you have the opportunity to deal intensively with one or more of the projects offered and to develop personal interests.


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Based on your qCademy projects and your interests, you will gradually take on more and more responsibility for projects and customers and take care of your own qCademy newcomers. Because a real qbee gets new qbees off the ground in partnership.



with members of the qCademy

Nico 24

Master of Business Information Systems at the Munich University of Applied Sciences

Working student at qbees since the end of 2020, employed as a software engineer since July 2021

Master’s thesis title: Concept and prototype for operating an existing order management system in the AWS Cloud

I became aware of the qbees through the job advertisement on LinkedIn (qbees Linkedin-Page). At that time, I was looking for new opportunities to improve my programming skills as part of a working student job. I finally applied because I found the combination of finance and IT very interesting.

What I like best about the qbees is the team atmosphere. You get along great with each other and there is no top-down culture.

Something that totally surprised me was the freedom of design within the projects. As a working student you can also participate in important project decisions. Instead of simply being assigned to a project, active attention is paid to which projects fit personal interests.

My master’s thesis is about operating a distributed order management system in the cloud. Here I develop a cloud architecture within AWS to make the system available in the cloud as securely and scalably as possible according to its properties. In parallel, I implement the concept as a prototype with the help of technologies such as Terraform.

Team spirit is very important to the qbees. We make sure that every employee contributes ideas and suggestions, regardless of their position. There are also project-related jour-fix dates and someone is always available if you have any questions.

With regard to the home office, the qbees allow a great deal of freedom. You can work from almost anywhere. In addition, the qbees offer flexible trustworthy working hours, which means that it is up to you how you divide up the work.

I have been a part-time software engineer at qbees since July 2021 and full-time since February 2022. I would like to continue working here after my master’s thesis because the team is great, and the projects keep challenging you anew.

I can recommend qbees for those who are interested in banking and finance as well as software and cloud technologies. There are many exciting projects and a very nice team.

If you are interested in qCademy EDUCATION projects, please contact qCademy@qbees.io. The number of places is limited.

Open qCademy EDUCATION projects as bachelor and master theses or career starter projects

  • Firewall probing, automated quality assurance of IP filter systems

  • Influence of IP filter systems on the streaming of real-time financial data or “Why do hedge funds hate firewalls?”

  • Evaluation and prototype implementation of advanced procedures for securing banking systems stored in the public cloud

  • Banking systems in the public cloud? Current legal situation and future possibilities.

  • Analysis of latency-sensitive platforms in the cloud vs. on-premises.

  • Creation of a monitoring system for monitoring real-time price data based on Prometheus and Grafana.

  • Financial mainframe goes cloud. Evaluating z/OS on the AWS Cloud.

  • Cost comparison data center on-premises vs cloud and identification of primary decision triggers.

  • Inventory IaC: Comparison of current infrastructure-as-code technologies

  • Evaluation of current JS frontend frameworks.

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